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need money for rent

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rent assistance, rent help please: Having difficulties finding aide and getting funding approval to be able to

Having difficulties finding aide and getting funding approval to be able to pay my rent . I've already received my 3 day notice and need to pay my rent today or I'm out. HELP!!!
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need money for rent: Financially Unable To Do Anything For My Kids Right Now Dont Know What To Do Or Which Way

Financially Unable To Do Anything For My Kids Right Now Dont Know What To Do Or Which Way To Turn Really In Need Of A Big Blessing Right About Now
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Hi my name is gift am 20 i need assistance so badly my house rent has expire my family is saying we are goin to the village cos there is no money to pay our rent pls help i need $3000 pls help God bless u we just 2weeks remaining.
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need money for rent asap

I am a single mother of 3 children and i been in and out of work for the past 6 months my rent is due i owe 2000 dollars and if i dont have the payment by the 24th they going to kick me out. please help me i will really appreaciated it....have a bless day

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Aidpage group discussing "need money for rent"...

I was wondering if i could please get some  help my family i been working 2 jobs part time not enough hours to pay everything i did but they downsized
 and now my electric is off and we have 4 children in our household  and soon to loose the place we are living at. I pray daily and ask for help
 and do all i can for my family but things are getting very hard for me . I asked God for help and your church popped up on the screen. I dont
know if  it means something but if anything pray for us. I need 4000 dollars to pay every thing off 10,000 if you count the rest of the year
 hehehe God have or allowed me to have a doozy this time. well what ever you can help with with be appreciated. I was told once that there are
 those who work and those who cant beg. I just want to do the best for my family unconventional as it is we are all we got. Someone in our household is ill as well.
Thank you
Diane 321-527-9328

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What a difference a year makes...

I didn't receive any messages from anyone when I created this page last year. I did create a similar profile on eBay and had a few messages from others who would like to help if they could, but so many people are struggling right now. It's sad because I really thought that just maybe it would work. I carefully researched costs, etc. But today as I read over the costs I estimated, it's really unrealistic I suppose. Today I asked my husband what he thought about bringing Savannah home without any modifications to our rented 2 bedroom duplex and to try to do without a handicap accessible van. I said that maybe a few churches would help us raise money for a van once she was home. He of course was the realistic one and pointed out the fact that we have absolutely no room in our duplex (my stepson already has to sleep on the couch), she is too heavy for me to lift, and what exactly would I do when our 5 year old son  when he needed to go anywhere and my husband was at work, and how would we support another family member when we're in such bad financial shape as it is. I don't know. I just don't know. It seems so unfair.

How are we doing otherwise? My husbands hours have been cut drastically. I'm STILL waiting for a decision on my disability application. We can barely provide for the four of us in this small duplex. With Savannah, our family of five would have to get at least a 3 bedroom home if she came home. Yeah, right. We are 2 months behind on our current rent, our gas just got shut off, and we had to visit the local food bank for the first time. My husband works in the auto industry and just finished two weeks mandatory unpaid time off. It has sent us in a tailspin. I just used our change jar to have a way to fill up the gas tank. I walked in with a baggie full of change and was so embarrased as the clerk counted out the change because a lady I used to work with was right behind me. I have applied for food stamps and it has been a nightmare. I applied on May 18th and have yet to receive any help. They accidentally sent us a denial on June 18th and rescinded it saying they thought we didn't send our paperwork in (they found it the next day), but no one has worked our case since. I call and they say our application has been marked as high priority and overdue but still needs "worked." The truth is we're on our last roll of toilet paper, my husband doesn't know how he's going to get gas money for work this week, we are running out of the canned soup the food bank gave us, and we have no sugar to even make koolaid. So, I of course chuckled when I read over my post from a year ago hoping for $250K when today I would love to have $2.50 for sugar, soup, or toilet paper. It's difficult to remain positive.

So, now more than ever - we do need help. But this time, any amount will help. If you want to help our family, you can email We do have a PayPal account set up so you can just send donations that way or email if you have other suggestions. God bless all the struggling individuals and families!       

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About Delgado

Hello, PLease dont judge but I got put in jail one month ago for not following up in court and showing I paid fines, which I did. In that time I fell behind on rent and all bills. I only served 10 days, but lost my job. I also lost my children to CPS. So now I am actively trying to find employment without any success. I have managed to catch up on my water and electric by selling most of my belongings, but now I realize I should've paid my rent first.  So if anyone out can help me or know of any resources, please enlighten me. I need to pay an attorney for representation, catch up on now two months rent as well as other bills. Please I am desperate and drowning, HELP!! I also have let my nursing license lapse and need to find money or services that would assist me getting it back.

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Aidpage group discussing "need money for rent"...

Feel free to participate in this public group space.

Two easy ways to do this:

  1. Add a comment or a question here - on this page... or on any other page in this space.
  2. Or, if you want to start a separate thread - make a new page.

Either way is good - the important thing is your participation. On Aidpage, people support each other by speaking out and by paying attention to each other - as simple as that.

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About Believer2009

I have been working from home for the past two weeks. They are hiring all over the country the website is I am writing this so that others may get a way to make extra money. IT IS FREE.

I am also writing because I need help to pay rent. We are back one month and my husband is working so hard and will not get his money from his job until the end of the month. I am not trying to ask for big amounts unless someone wants to. We have two children under 2 and we can't lose the roof over our head. My husband lost his job in Oct and started a new one in December. We just need help to pay for that December rent. Thank you and I pray that the website above halps others.

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Going to lose apt

My boyfriend lost his insurance he is on 8 medications.Cant pay 2 of his pills are 800.00 a month.We will probably lose our apt.I hope everything tuns out better for some of you people.My boyfriend lost his job due to medical problems.My autistic son will stay with my daughter for a while.

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About SandySeuss

 I don't even know where to start. For the last 6 years my family has been battered by a series of storms, one right after the other. My husband and I will have been married 12 years this June.  We are a blended family; I was a single mom raising a son and he had a son and a daughter from a previous marriage. We got married, and a year later our daughter was born.  Shortly after, we moved into our first home- For the first time in my very unstable life I felt safe and settled.  We had lived there almost a year when the first storm hit-  It began when I first heard the word tumors and found out I would have to have a partial hysterectomy.  I had the surgery, but there were complications and I lost 8 weeks off work.  During the same time my husband was injured on the job and lost several days off work.  We got 2 months behind in our house payments, and were a day away from finalizing a refinance to catch up when someone at country wide( our mortgage company) that we had never met  got on the computer saw that we were 2 months behind, and put us into foreclosure without even checking the status of what was being done to rectify it.  We lost our home the 30,000 down payment and spiraled into a pit of debt, We moved into a very small rental which resembled a storage unit and attempted to work our way out of it.  I had been working as a preschool teacher for about 4 months when several of our toddlers came down with mono which of course I ended up with and missed another 8 weeks of work.  During that time at a routine drs visit, my Dr saw a mole on my chest that that she didn't like the look of; she took it off that day and the next day I received a call it was malignant melanoma and they ended up having to cut off a portion of my breast.  Fortunately it had not spread deeper into the tissue or I would not be sitting here typing this.   I went back to work again  thinking  nothing else could possibly go wrong, then one day I was injured at work protecting a child. And all hell broke loose.  We were required to fill out an accident form and file a mandatory workman's comp claim.  I wasn't worried about it.  My employers  loved my work and often used me to mentor other teachers find solutions for classroom  problems.  They knew I was honest, and several other teachers had witnessed the accident. I trusted the process to work towards a speedy resolution.   What followed was a nightmare that lasted over 2 years.  SAIF and my employers implemented a plan of systematic destruction and my family was forced into a level of poverty beyond any I had ever known.  We had no defense,the laws didn't protect me and didn't apply to them. I lost 30 pounds in one month saving food for my kids while waiting for my case to be approved, at 62 days past my accident is was denied.  It took four doctors telling them it was clearly work related (one of them was their own ) to get them to reverse their decision.  I was thrown into their "managed care system"  and when they finally did surgery, they operated on the symptom of shoulder impingement instead of addressing the  disc in my neck.  When I continued to have problems, they sent me to a neurologist whose diagnosis was that the initial injury was to my neck,  In his report he wrote that because the initial injury was never addressed, I had developed permanent nerve damage in my neck and my right arm.  My case was closed that week as their managed care dr decided I was stationary.   I could have fought it. got another lawyer, but it had destroyed my  faith in the basic goodness of people and taken my ability to trust. 

In the midst of this, my son became very depressed.  He had been diagnosed with learning disabilities in speech and language.  School was a nightmare of brutal teasing and isolation.  He would come home in tears and ask me "I try so hard,...why can't I have a friend?"  It was heart breaking because there was nothing I could do to make it better and unfortunately things never changed for him.  After he graduated life was nothing but a string a dead end jobs and lay offs because the economy in Oregon was so bad.  He was depressed and suicidal.  Then one day I turned on a talk show and there was a mother in tears and her son, and they were telling our story.  That was the first time I heard the word Asperger's syndrome. I knew at that moment that my son had been living in a prison of autism,  for him the closest he could get to being part of the world around him was to watch it as if through a window with his face pressed against the glass.  A short time later it was confirmed... unfortunately it was a diagnosis that came 24 years too late to be eligible to receive the services that might have made his life so very different , and that breaks my heart. 

   It was also during the same time that we lost our other son in Iraq.  He was a Marine stationed in Iraq,had just turned 21 and  had only a few months left in his tour.  I find it a bit ironic that while he was fighting for freedom in another country, our  rights were being stripped away from us at home..

  I am unable to work, Even simple "mom things" housework, laundry, anything repetitive  I pay for it .  Life has become a vicious cycle of trying to get as much as I can done and than waiting until things calm down enough to do it again.  I have developed fibromyalgia and the stress of our finances has aged me beyond my 46 years.  I don't recognize the face that stares back at me from the mirror.  My husband works 2 jobs, is never home and my little girl whose smile used to light up her whole face,and believed she could do anything has gotten swallowed by it all.  Her face is serious and sad and she has lost nearly all of her confidence in herself.  It breaks my heart. We are all mere shadows of who we used to be.  

 My husband is working so hard I am afraid that the constant stress of our finances is going to kill us both.  Our rent is due on the 5th,and we are painfully short. We have no gorcery money and live vicariously on food boxes, and top ramen.  This is nothing new, we have survived like this ever since my accident .Usually we ride the wave of juggling our bills and rationing our food  on auto pilot.  But this time I had to do something because my husband has never looked so old and tired.  His father had to go to the hospital this week , he is in the final stages of Altzheimers and they don't expect him to last long.  I can't change our situation, but I can send these words out, and maybe someone will read them and   have some idea what the answer is.  My husband makes too much to qualify for foodstamps or any other  social service programs.   My daughter doesn't even qualify for reduced lunch but we  can't afford to make her a lunch much of the time.  

   Our immediate need is that our rent is due on the 5th...1100,00 worth.  Once we pay it we will be broke again until next payday,  I would love to find a way to take care of our rent at least for this month to take some of the pressure of his shoulders.  Can anyone help with this.?                 Thanks for reading my loooooong story.  Very Sincerely, Sandy


time with him, and gas is ridiculously expensive,  we have no money for groceries, and 

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I Feel hopeless for myself and family


I can't believe I'm sitting here looking for help from strangers.  I felt hopeless that this is my last road.  My family and I struggled to run a small family restaurant business  for 2 years . When we first just open our restaurant the landlord took in 2 other restaurants right between us giving us no noticed at all.  Business went from ok to worst for our first year.  My father is getting old and he get up at six in the morning and working til ten o'clock at night seven days a week.  Everything we put in goes out
for bills.  This year was the worst  especially the summer, it was slow, nothing balance out the budget we get less than what we put out.  Thats why I'm writing to anyone who could help with anything will greatly appreciate it.  I have 3 younger brothers to support.  We're about to lose our home too.
We just recieved an eviction noticed from the landlord today and i try so hard not to show my feelings in front of my family.  They will be so crushed.  I'm so alone and super stressed out.  I feel like I hopeless.  No one can even help, no friends, no relatives would even want to speak to you.  And with my credit the bank wouldn't even try. 
I'm so lost.  Please help.

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Shaun Maries  

I ask god, that there is someone that can help!!! I will repay in any way I can

HI, I have went thru a tramatic couple of years, loads of surgeries alone. I have been diagnosed with sarcodosis...I have had phenomia(not spelling correct) breathing problems for over a month. I lost work due to this. My ex also decided not to pay child support on time, so we will get evicted..then he will get custody and never have to pay support. This is the same man whom left the kids in there room, lock in the house by them self..and the courts tell me its he said/she said no proof. I swear on my life, this man is about the money not his boys. He also calls child protective services on me, to trey to get a case on me. Its very sad, for my kids to go threw this. He has told me he has finally won  this time, cuz I got sick and im gonna get evicted due to being sick and not working to pay bills. and he didint pay support in the time frame to help. Yes this is what I deal with. Its very sad, and the boys love there father amd if they only knew. I hate to take that away from my boys and I have to bite my tongue over and over. I have a little over a week to come up with 925.00. Past due rent, I start working again soon, then it will be okay again. This is the second time in 6 months, I have been sick and have needed help. I hope to have good health for a very long time. I ask you and promise you and heavens above if someone can help I will repay my help back out into the world in any ways I can, THank you!!!!!

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I Starve myslef for my baby


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Need help desperatly or my family will be homeless!!

My husband and I have 3 kids and work hard for our money. My husband had to leave his job due to family illness and now the company won't let him come back so we have gotten behind on rent. We have until the 8th to come up with 1000 dollars. He starts working with another company on the 10th and we can pay someone back by July. I don't like asking for help but I don't want my kids to be homeless. If you can please help let me know. You will be forever in our hearts and you WILL be paid back!!! Thank you

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Shaun Maries  




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Shaun Maries  

I need help soon..Please

Hello, I have thought of a million idea's who,how and where I can get money from and it hasn't took me to far. To let everyone know right off, I have never had to ask for help, and im only asking now because it is that bad, I have too. Im a mom of two boy's 5 and 7. They are my world. We left there dad three yrs ago due to alot of  unpleasent days. Im sure alot of you know where Im coming from. Im a culprit of me being so nice to people and in the end I lose out. Im a full time student at Baker College in Auburn HIlls Mi. Trying to make life better, well in the timeof making things better,  it has only got really bad. I had a roomate living with me, and my rent money thru  May 1st, is missing. All the police can say is make a court date, Go to court, I cant prove it, so it has to be proved in Court. So I have an eviction for 1400hundred dollars to be paid. If  I dont get this money, my children and I are going to have no where to stay. My children under no circumstances can stay with there father, no way. Hey we talk, but its not possible. I dont want to end up in the system, if I can just get this taken care of, I knowI can make it work. I dont have the money, to be 2 months behind. It was greedly taken from us..please help..eviction leads to bad credit, no one will let you rent from them, it leads to a new world. please help if you can.. I thank you in advance and god bless you. I will return favors back into the world, when I can...

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